Bad things are done lately. I stopped praising the king for what he had taken away was too much. I growl in silence over my solid ego. I never hoped for betraying my faith, but all that I have is my broken faith. So, I scrapped all the numbness and stand in the middle of […]

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Don’t cry. For me crying is a sign of scars. I apologize for all that happened, because I never meant to hurt you. This coffee tastes too sweet for me, yet here I am wondering why you would order this drink everytime you go to this coffee shop. Open your eyes. It is very awful […]

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Through Hell and Back

It is the second month since his last journey to hell. If you think that hell is all hot and desperate, it is not. Hell is covered with broken promises. It is full of vague voices saying, “What if…what if…what if?” It is not something scary to be in hell, but if you are lost […]

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Si Hitam Manis

Secangkir kopi pahit terasa amat manis kala hati sedang teriris. Ini bukan sebuah puisi atau rayuan, hanya jeritan hati yang lelah menanti. Ku rindu hangatnya sinar fajar dibulan Agustus saat rintik tangis tiada kudengar. Mungkin pelukku takkan pernah selembut peluknya, dan mungkin hadirku takkan pernah bisa mengeringkan tetes air matanya. Sembari menggenggam jemariku kau mengatakan […]

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My Bad Habits

Do you know the feeling of sunshine touching your bare skin? I knew it. It was warm, calming me, and full of joy. It was there a few weeks ago. You were my sunshine, at least I still hope you are. This is a story of a normal love, with some shots of dry gin […]

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It started with a simple ‘Hello’ from a stranger. I never knew you could be this addictive. I said that I got an ulterior motive and I couldn’t agree more, for I wanted you to be the one clenching my thirst of love. Reading this may disgust you, but it is better for a blind […]

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We both know it did not end well the last time we admitted how much we wanted to be together. You do not have to fall for me again, because your feeling might not be the same as mine anymore.  I feel so low everytime I hear my most loved woman cry who is my […]

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