Sweet Agony

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you -Maya Angelou I bless your soul with the unpure light wasted from paradise. Eyes of hatred have pierced the depth of my feelings. The wailing king sitting on his throne. Horn of abyssal demon stabbing my bare chest. West coast means expensive shit. […]

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Warfare is invenitable, and so is loving more – Alvin Gunawan If and only if you were not there that day, I would never be the same. If and only if you are the one who is standing next to me as we sail trough this vast sea of desperations and hope; promise to keep […]

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Loco Pilot

The loco pilot should be the one transporting the passengers to another station, and so does the leader. However, if you do not reach your desired destination that loco pilot is the one that we call failed politician and we should call the train malfunctioned bureaucracy -Alvin Gunawan We all ride the train to go […]

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Batallion inside me demanded my mercy. Stallion with a little marking on its lips stranded in the desert of controversy. Sea so vast drowning me inside jealousy. We just woke up on the bed of burning coals. Goals seem a bit too far from the reality. Thin paper cutting my bare skin. Inside this glasses […]

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I burried my hope in the dark, so you would never find out my fondness-Alvin Gunawan Carvings on my wall as an exterior of my long lost faith. Cravings of desperations picturing my well-fed ambition. Engraving feelings upon the pillar of hope. A drop of lime on top of my fresh cut does not burn […]

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I will be the one that will greet you every morning with a kiss. I will be the one that will guide you until my eyes are sore. I will love you a hundred times more than your past lovers -Nicolas Crothers What if the heaven that we all wished for is the hell itself? […]

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Unspoken Devotion

Gulping my faith like a Xanax Tired of these prestige of Rolex Joint too big banging on my chest Working too hard, stabbing on my vest Wasted hours behind the couch Standing still seems an ouch Sweating arround the antartica Hundred of lies for an erotica Giving it all to her Last drop of water […]

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