A Wasteland

I walk across this land of the dead where all hope is lost. The soil has become a dried out sand with some crustaceans dead bodies as its decoration. Dawn has turned into dusk and dusk to dawn, all that you see is nothing but sorrow.

I still remember the day when the disaster started to happen. It was a casual talk on my Saturday break then the ceiling started to fall apart and I didn’t know what to do. I felt a warm stream running trough my face. Covered with a fresh blood then I saw you lifeless with a big wound showing your pale white bone. You were breathless laying on my lap. I’m waiting for my final moment to pick me up and deliver me to the afterlife.

Humming my final song would be nice. Sprinkle of dust above my skin is just the way universe appreciate my hardwork. The heat radiating from the bonfire we made wasn’t the only warmth I got. At laI see the reality now. 

As you lean closer to my chest and hug me tighter got my mind warped into a paradise. You whisper softly to my ear asking whether I want to come home now or not. Hanging upon the ceiling I see the chandelier asking me quietly if I still feel home.

I got trapped in the wasteland. A wasteland I would never want to escape. The place where everyone would cry to sleep. A paradise wherever you are.


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