Unspoken Devotion

Gulping my faith like a Xanax
Tired of these prestige of Rolex
Joint too big banging on my chest
Working too hard, stabbing on my vest

Wasted hours behind the couch
Standing still seems an ouch
Sweating arround the antartica
Hundred of lies for an erotica

Giving it all to her
Last drop of water
Ain’t no need for gold
Rusty bones getting old

Warehouse of dreams
Burried inside the jeans
Rock hard like Bon Jovi
Smoking oxygen on the ATV

Youngsters keep striving for bucks
Olders keep dying for lucks
Hail the catastrophy
All times calamity

Devoting on a false saints
Voting for the wrong leads
Crippled walkers among the streets
Waiting for the reaper’s breeds


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