Batallion inside me demanded my mercy. Stallion with a little marking on its lips stranded in the desert of controversy. Sea so vast drowning me inside jealousy.

We just woke up on the bed of burning coals. Goals seem a bit too far from the reality. Thin paper cutting my bare skin. Inside this glasses I pour over my depraved faith.

Bankroll got laid up on top of the dusty sofa. Far away from the start I saw it coming. Mingling with the crowd never bore me. Mirror of an untruth shared his long lost legacy. Roaring in the wild the monstrous sensuality.

Church bells ringing above my head. Yet my heart is singing a ballad of the rebellion of savages. Ages have past all these meaningless despair. Hair of the conquerer as the sign of glory days. Forty days were all he needed to gain his nerve.

Gruesome act of the prince cause the separation. Darling of the stars and the feelings of a loser in the war. Best lie ever told to me was, ‘I will be there for you’. He taught me how to war, what we need now is a teaching of peace.


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