Loco Pilot

The loco pilot should be the one transporting the passengers to another station, and so does the leader. However, if you do not reach your desired destination that loco pilot is the one that we call failed politician and we should call the train malfunctioned bureaucracy
-Alvin Gunawan

We all ride the train to go from our current location to another location. We don’t care if it is far away or closeby, but as long as we arrived it is all we care for. At the same time, we tend to forget that before we ride the train we got to queue to get the ticket and to queue again to enter the train.

We know our leaders are the one in charge of our destination, while to reach certain destination there are many ways. As the passengers and the customers we all have the rights to choose to get of the train because we feel unsafe anymore or not to ride the train at all. But remember that we can’t jump off the train while it is running.

We the civilian have the mandatory instruction to follow the rules of our goverment. We got to queue to get something unless we are okay with the labelling of savages. It is our responsibility to pay for the price if we want to get something in return. The prices can be so expensive at times, but at the same time it is for the process to run well. Taxes and inflation may go higher and higher, but we are not afraid because as the prices and taxes goes up so does our fighting spirit.

As I have stated in the beginning,we have leaders to ensure our arrival. It is up to us to be the leaders itself or to follow along their game. Since the early stage of our human society, the corrupteds are many. One of the new solution is to move with a disruptive motions, which actually is a great way. While the conventional ones tend to climb up the stairs and become the leaders whom trough them the world will change, but what if the throne itself is corrupted. Throne of power, throne of wealth, throne of fame are all infected with greed, jealousy, and poverty of kindness. 

At the end of the day, it is all up to us. 


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