Warfare is invenitable, and so is loving more
– Alvin Gunawan

If and only if you were not there that day, I would never be the same. If and only if you are the one who is standing next to me as we sail trough this vast sea of desperations and hope; promise to keep me sane.

I search upon the four leaf clover to grant my wish of being there anytime you need me. I dig deeper into this old mine to build you the castle of which you dreamed of.

Dove as white as snow landed on my window to drop out your words. You said that you wanted me to be there, and it is the first time you open yourself up to a guy with these mere words.

You haf asked me when will I return, but then I ask reality himself if I see the world the way it is. You said you adore me, but my soul had parted ways long before we shared a kiss.

All I see is black and white.

All rainbows are just an arched spectrum of black, white, and grey.

All religions I know are just ways to be accepted in society.

All races are just the way we hate each other.

All I ever wished for is not to turn back the time and fix things up.

All I ever wished for is for us to start our journey and color up our monochromatic view of the world.

This world may undergo some wars but it may find its peace. This is my confession from my sincere and innocent feelings to you whom I trusted my heart with. There is no easy answer to these errors, but let’s make a promise that we will get trough this hurricane together.


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