What am I made of?

I have always been in the middle, but I am not- Alvin Gunawan

Hi humans! It has always been a pleasure for me to argue, until I think that arguing sucks and it is better for me to just share and understand more. I was just a normal homo sapien but life has chosen me to get fermented again and again.

To negotiate about things is what I do most of the times, but then chill out because I am a rational person.

Inside this digitally augmented paper of mine you will see tons of my dark yet bright; confusing yet understandable; simple yet tricky thoughts which you will understand more every time you read more of my words.

I was born in a simple family with normal activities and normal everything. What is abnormal is the way I see the world and the way I react to it. It is intriguing me every time a problem occurs inside my little family, because by then I realize that even in your own family you are all alone. What I have in my life is me and myself.

I speak fluent sarcasm and I eat most of the edibles. I listen to good shits, and bullshits. I sing and I love it when people are happy when I sing. I coach some kids, and at the same time I am being coached by beings that you thought were sinful, disgraceful, and disgusting but then it is the reality.

Shall we begin the story?