Diary of Casanova

I still remember the way you enchant those angelic beings. You sang to her until she got butterflies dancing around her tummy. It was as beautiful as a fairytale should be. You captured these lonely souls. The way you smile brought joy to their world. A very magical moment and I still couldn’t believe it […]

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Master of Time

Sunday, October 8th 2017 Dear you, I am sorry I can not make it home tonight. My friend is having her birthday party tonight and it will not be done until we are wasted. LOL. Love, The one inside your heart I didn’t remember anything at first, but somehow I recalled that someone was here […]

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I still remember the first time you cried in front of me. Neither joy nor sadness. It happened so fast, until the time separated us. I recall all of those angelic smiles you gave me. The way you mumble reminds me of how my childhood was. Flying and swirling around my ceiling are the memories […]

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I was all alone. Would you answer all of my insecurities? What if I had consumed illegal substances? Why do I keep slicing my wrist? I kept on questioning myself. When was the last time I went to church? Why can’t I recall my mom’s name? What was the last words she said the moment […]

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Comfortably Anesthetized

*knock…knock..* “Is anyone home?”, I shouted. Please nod if you hear this. I heard you were hurt badly. Bear with me for a while, I just need to ask you a few questions. “Were you hurt by the stolen laughter she gave you?”, I asked. Please hold me close and lay on the floor quietly. […]

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It is not that I do not miss you, but you seem packed with all of your schedule. Dull assumption of mine leads to a sudden anxiety. TV’s static voices are ringing in my head everytime you’re not around. Our love was built within the unapproachable dreams. Rim broken down ’cause the outer tire to […]

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That man drives a Mercedez and eats pricy cheese. Strolling out the paradise island with some chillin’ breeze. Crispy sound of freshly released bankrolls. That woman carries an overpriced leather bag. Shopping for some fancy diamonds with a couple of excess bucks. Everyday she pays out her bills with a never ending luck. You wished […]

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