Tempered Heart

He is starring at a cup of cold coffee during this warm weather. It got him thinking whether hustling is the right thing to do. This is almost the end of the month when his stone-hard heart is deceasing. Chasing a dream with a little dissaster. Blisters from those hardships are mementos of a hardworking […]

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Hurt me with the truth, but never comfort me with a lie. Sometimes the truth can come up as a lie, because people can’t deal with the truth.They ain’t never face the ugly truth. Society claims that lying is wrong and to be truthful is right. But they don’t understand the epidemic that is my […]

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A Tale of Two Cities

Last night I had a bad dream. That I was trapped in this city, Then I asked,”Is that really such a bad thing?” They be robbing guys on the daily. Can you blame a guy that ain’t never had things? Guess not. Last night they pulled up on my guy at the light like, “Uh, […]

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Voices Across the Galaxy

Day and night are poles apart Artistic scenery of flying doves The swarming fireflies bear my bare heart Hardly feeling any love A handful of aurora on her lips Guns arround his hips Soften up my spot with a simple kiss If wishes were horses could I still make a wish The stream searches for […]

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Throne of Misery

This is the land of sorrow Everyone feels there is no tomorrow All these youngsters are ready to blow We regret that we didn’t choose to grow Glowing light in the dark seems to be the answer Radicalism, terrorism, racism are daily laughter Desperate father reminiscing his long lost brother Half-alive mother who lost her […]

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Trading my time for your luxury. Why did I see you as my hero? Now I know that all I ever received was sorrow. I can think of many strange and damned actions now. These two died for tomorrow is a cringy yet a great blow. Inch by inch I shall mark your skin. Whichever […]

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Sweet Agony

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you -Maya Angelou I bless your soul with the unpure light wasted from paradise. Eyes of hatred have pierced the depth of my feelings. The wailing king sitting on his throne. Horn of abyssal demon stabbing my bare chest. West coast means expensive shit. […]

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