A Wasteland

I walk across this land of the dead where all hope is lost. The soil has become a dried out sand with some crustaceans dead bodies as its decoration. Dawn has turned into dusk and dusk to dawn, all that you see is nothing but sorrow. I still remember the day when the disaster started […]

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You’re scared of waking and yet you wake up. Fed up with the haunting stories of the walking dead. Eyes are open, heart is beating yet conciousness none. The sound of a stream can be heard from afar. Squeeking sound of mice is a beautiful symphony. The very last minute before the sun faded got […]

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Howling Owl

You gaze upon my soul and you grant me a whimsical view. You tapped into the depth of my heart and I am thankful of it. Those smile of yours snared my well being. Crackling sound of plates during my visit to a dining place reminds me of the way you hold me close. Withered […]

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It is 3AM in the morning and I still am mourning. When the sun fades away and the moon with her glittery aura lit up the way. An intro of a beautiful opera left me with a blank stare. Milliseconds that turned into minimum interactions. A gypsy of your own kind. A freedom seeker. Joy […]

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Beneath those glittery smiles I see my peace. What in the world happened to you? Why do you have to fall for me? Tonight I will climb up your ivory tower, then in the morning I would drag myself trough hell if it means loving you. Ripping my heart open and let it burn to […]

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This thirst has led me to a minor death. As I approach the most gullible soul in the universe. The one who lost his sanity over an enmity.  Dehydration blurring my sight. Lips are topped with poison. The touch of her finger is my death sentence.  Have mercy on me O Fontus Hear my prayer […]

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Seven Seas

I crave for love so deep the ocean would be jealous -Unknown Sunlight creeping beneath the palm trees. I dance between the stormy breeze. I feel your kindness until I freeze. Dying dolphin swimming to the shore. Heart knows nothing but sore. Attention that was never yours. Was it only me who feel this way? […]

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